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The Taiga: The Cranberry Witch

Updated: May 7, 2019

The Cranberry Witch 1

I am exhausted but excited to share the images from yesterday.

This character started when I was driving to the Cape last month with Zach and we started seeing Cranberry farms along the side of the roads. I remembered being a kid and being interested in how the berries were harvested, and when I was back in the area for King Richard’s Faire a few weeks later, the Cranberry Witch character started forming in my mind.

She is bright red like the berries and comes out only in the autumn for the harvests, appearing in the bogs and woods to shepherd in the changing of the seasons in this watery landscape.

For the headdress I was inspired by the Polish/Ukranian vinok for the headdress though traditionally a springtime piece the intention was to interpret it into a fall setting.

A Vision in Crimson

I was lucky enough to get in touch with Erin from The Barn on Benson’s Pond. They are a family-owned farm that grows Cranberries and is a member of the Ocean Spray Cooperative. That’s right, Ocean Spray - the cranberry juice you see at the grocery store! So cool to know that it is sourced from genuine family farms! Not only do Erin and her husband Cass harvest delicious cranberries from their 40+ acres of bogs but they also offer tours, event services and Erin was kind enough to meet us at her farm and let my model Alana pose on her stunning land as well as help us actually stand in a bog that was being flooded for harvest!

Here's their website for anyone interested in tours or events: https://bensonspond.com/

Me and Alana in the bogs, wearing thigh high boots and overalls.... not nearly as glamorous as she made it look!

A highlight of the day for me was getting to wear genuine fishing overalls and climb into the bog! So fun!

A special thanks to Alana for being such a good sport, we are from the same hometown and knew each other in middle school and were recently re-connected as she studied theater and has modeled for Marilla Designs before! We subjected poor Alana to the bogs, vines, red paint, corsets and blowing colored smoke in her face...

Special thanks to Zach for assisting with these photos in general and being as enthusiastic as I am about explosives haha...

After we finished up on the bogs we journeyed into nearby wood