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The Taiga: Spring

“Here we come to a turning of the season

Witness to the arc towards the sun

The neighbors blessed burden within reason

Becomes a burden borne of all in one”

Delicate Spring Model: Jane Dahlia

Springtime is here and I have been preparing for these soft summer colors since the depths of winter! I am thrilled to be outside and shoot in this warmer weather!

Since I first conceived the idea of my Cranberry Witch character welcoming the autumn harvest, I wanted to create characters to represent each season in the Taiga. As the world turns and the seasons change, they are personified in beautiful and mysterious humanesque forms.

Rebirth Model: Hernica Jean Charles

They might appear as you walk down a forest path, for an instant or at the corner of your eye. I imagine entering a flower-filled clearing, in awe of the explosive colors and liveliness of the spring, and seeing spring herself personified, dancing joyously through the woods. She is there for an instant and then gone.

I have done two shoots thusfar showing spring in all of her glory! It is so nice to be outside shooting without the need for extra layers and feeling bad for exposing my models to the cold temperatures in ridiculous costumes. I’m also working on using sunlight in my images, I love the aura-like effects of shooting directly into the sun!

I saw this bright gold velvet in the grayest winter and knew I had to use it to make something I could photograph once spring came! The trim I special ordered from India and the dress was crafted to match the bright yellow robe!

The white and brown bird-like costume was made starting with a corset I made originally 4 years ago with the intent to use it for the “Margaret” character! Though it’s not super visible in the photo, I’m glad it still got incorporated back into the series in some way.

I am currently preparing for the springtime shoots with Margaret and William and starting to plan how I will tie the Taiga together by publishing an art photo book with these images.


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