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Bringing to Life my 5-Year Daydream

I can't believe the Taiga is finished! I received first draft paperback manuscripts of the book. To hold them in my hand was incredible. I'm overwhelmed. I'm anticipating the Taiga be published Winter 2020 as a hardcover coffee table style book. (Currently in contact with the Decemberit's manager to work out being able to print some of the lyrics!)

For those of you new to my work:

My book, the Taiga, is a fairytale told through digital photography throughout the cycle of the seasons in New England. The initial inspiration came from the Decemberist’s album “The Hazards of Love”. The album is an archetypal tale of destructive love drawing from northern European fairytales. The story takes place in an ancient forest in which dark characters dwell, and reminds us that nature will always get her way. I designed and hand-created each costume worn by the characters and photographed the story throughout the cycle of New England seasons.

Holding it for the first time! SO COOL.

I wanted to share some stories from the 4-day photo shoot leading up to the completion of the story. I got to work intensely with the main characters of the series: Lena Vani as Margaret, Skyy Ramos as William and Charli Summers as the Rake. I took 4 days to stay in Western MA and work almost non-stop on these shoots. It was exhausting but 100% worthwhile.

The photos from my book I will not be sharing online because they will be published later this year (I want to save some surprises!) but I thought it would be fun to share some of the fun outtakes from these shoots. I'm so lucky to have worked with these wonderful actors/models.

The Taiga: Outtake featuring Lena Vani

We started in Easthampton, MA. Special thanks to Meryellen DiLuzio and Steven Nietupski for letting us stay the weekend. You guys are the best!

The Taiga: Outtake featuring Lena Vani

I am astounded by the beauty of Western MA <3

The Taiga: Outtake featuring Charli Summers

This photo makes me laugh every time. We called this look on Charli the "Summer Rake".... if only it fit into the "dark" vibe of the story. (this also gives you a great look at the costume!)